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Hi, I’m Vicky. Welcome to Mamability. I am a Self-love and Self-confidence Life Coach that supports mothers living with disability and chronic illness to develop a nurturing relationship with themselves, to cultivate self-compassion, and to begin to grow the inner confidence to live life their way.

To live as the fullest expression of themselves.

I am a Mother and wife living with a progressive disability. It is hard at times. I am often in the cycle of grief, denial, anger, acceptance due to my disability.

Yet I am discovering the power of self-love and self-confidence as I go deeper with self-inquiry, self-expression, and learning to create a lifestyle in alignment with my values, energy and dreams.

How can I help you?


NDIS Participants

I am passionate about assisting Mothers with disability and Mothers with children with disability who self-manage their NDIS plans.

For self-managed NDIS participants, I offer what I like to call “NDIS plan empowerment coaching”.


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For your convenience, you can book most of my services through the online booking form below, or if you prefer, you can enquire via the contact form.


Here is why I have created MAMAbility

I absolutely love self-development. I love introspection and self inquiry and learning about myself and the world on a deeper level. There is always more to learn.

Over the years I have followed many a wellness influencer or thought leader, and what I noticed over time is that there would be times when I felt so capable and invincible and “knew” that if I could implement and stick to the methods/tools/habits that these “wellness experts” suggested, that I would ALWAYS feel great. Maybe so great that I could ignore that I have a disability.

But then there were just as many times where I would have to unfollow those podcasts and unsubscribe to the newsletters because I would feel “triggered” and resentful that I am doing all these things – and they were working, but now they’re not, or I’d feel defeated and hopeless because I was fatigued and tired, and everything around me felt overwhelming. 

I felt like the messaging I was being given was that I cannot feel happy and whole if I feel fatigue, pain or difficulty moving my body. 

Where did I belong?

What I was craving for was a self-development and wellness “place” that was created through the lens of disability or chronic illness. 

Somewhere that would allow me to feel capable, healthy  and whole, yet normalise an idea that being fulfilled, successful, well, happy, and a creator in one’s life could co-exist with (or cycle between) flare-ups, fatigue, and difficult feelings.

And so I decided to create that space I was searching for, here at Mamability, through sharing valuable content and through my coaching services.

Allow me to support you on your journey.



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